As an Owner’s Representative, we provide seasoned guidance in evaluating project needs, preconstruction planning, and project development. We understand the unique challenges facing community associations. As an independent third party, we assemble the project team of engineer, design, and construction professionals. We are not affiliated with the qualified project team of professionals. Rather, we oversee, coordinate, and monitor all preconstruction activities as the owner’s advocate without a conflict of interest, providing clarity and avoiding redundant or unnecessary costs. Project Development Services also include:

  • Preparing and issuing detailed RFPs to qualified design, engineering, and construction professionals
  • Evaluating proposals; negotiating and securing contracts
  • Review of building evaluations, design documents, and scope of work with ownership
  • Preparing project budget, schedule, and approval for financial disbursement
  • Project updates and reviews with ownership


As an Owner’s Representative, we coordinate and monitor construction from start-up to closeout. We conduct weekly project meetings with the construction team; provide cost, schedule, and scope of work control; and ensure the site is managed with the owner’s best interest in mind — including notification, privacy, and security. We oversee and facilitate the team in a manner that advocates the best possible outcome for the owner, providing clarity and project performance. Project Management Services also include:

  • Regular job site visits/construction monitoring
  • Resolution and documentation of changes
  • Budget management
  • Approval for financial disbursement
  • Project updates and reviews with ownership


Pacific Development Advisors provides consulting and advisory services for building owners, as well as design, engineering, and construction professionals, in a variety of related areas:

  • Building Investigation - Support and advisory services for evaluating building conditions
  • Litigation support - For owners whose buildings may be impacted by environmental conditions, adjacent construction, or construction defects
  • Building Enclosure Strategies - The most common defects in new construction are related to the building enclosure. PDA is uniquely qualified in design and construction management to help contractors efficiently construct or reconstruct high performance building enclosures.
  • Construction Operations Management - Project Control: Quality assurance, job costs, and scheduling
  • Acquisitions and Redevelopment - Advisory services for investors whose projects include purchasing and/or redeveloping existing buildings

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