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Pacific Development Advisors is an Owner’s Representative services company, representing and advising building owners in preconstruction planning, project development, and construction management. We specialize in multifamily building repair, restoration, and remediation projects, and serve condominium associations and multifamily building owners in the Pacific Northwest from the Bay Area to the Canadian border. PDA’s services include:

  • Project Development
  • Project Management
  • Advisory Services

Pacific Development Advisors is an independent third-party construction consultant, standing for the interests of the owner. As the owner’s advocate — without conflict of interest or affiliation — we assemble, oversee, and manage the qualified project team of design, engineer, and construction professionals in all phases, providing:

  • Clarity in project strategy and execution
  • Savings through cost containment and duplication avoidance
  • Established protocols to minimize inconvenience factors throughout project

Our breadth of experience includes a strong history of successful projects and satisfied customers. We understand the unique challenges facing community associations in protecting their investment. We are the owner’s advocate, overseeing each project to ensure all work is performed in the owner’s best interest.

PDA’s founder, Jeff France, has provided construction project development and management services in the building industry for more than 30 years. His professionalism and attention to detail have gained him the respect of his peers and a solid reputation as a trusted problem solver who works with determination, diligence, and discretion.

Representing and advising building owners — specializing in multifamily building repair, restoration, and remediation projects.

Recent projects for condominium associations include:

  • Building enclosure renovation. Cladding and window replacement, deck and roof repairs.
  • Plumbing repipe/replacement
  • Building enclosure investigation. Siding, deck and roof repairs.
  • Acoustic control and remediation.
  • Siding and deck repairs/replacement.
  • Assessment of impacts from adjacent environmental and construction activities

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